Tent on the River

Tent on the River

Our offer

– Two tents on the river that can accommodate up to 8 people (4 per tent)

– Kitchen in the mill a few meters away from the tents

– Two large outdoor beds to relax overlooking the river

– Two barbeque areas

– The place is perfect for hosting various types of seminars: yoga, photography, trekking, nature tourism, children workshops in nature, etc.

– We also have a suspended green tent for maximum 3 people in sleeping bag at 10 min distance, in this case a small walk and a spirit of adaptation are required

Organize your event in a place full of magic

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Two large white circular cotton tents on a wooden platform suitable for couples, families and groups of up to four people per tent for a total of eight, with some furniture, lamps, carpets from Morocco and Syria. Romantic natural.

We prefer to invite you to connect with the land, to the sound of the river flowing, to the surrounding trees and rocks. For a few days, we invite you to do nothing, absolutely nothing, enjoy the lack of commitments, and be truly present with yourself.

Lie in the sun, take a refreshing dip in the cool, clear waters of the river, take a nap in the tent, read a book in the open air, walk, run, enjoy the wonder of a hot bath in our wonderful wood-heated water basin, cook something, and be still and rest.

We will offer you the wood-fired hot water bath as a deep refreshment for your soul. You can enjoy the joy of a bathroom without borders, under the stars or by day, alternating it with the fresh waters of the river, to then be welcomed in the intimacy of your tent.

A very special and natural calidarium-frigidarium system. The wood of the surroundings serves to heat the water which will then be fed back into the stream. We try to offer you a radical simplicity that can make you find a really slow pace.

We have chosen the lightest possible architecture, so that you may enjoy the outdoor spaces to the fullest. A solution that reminds you of ​​nomadism and freedom. An elegant, cozy and comfortable nest, waterproof and breathable.

Defining it as a tent is an understatement. It is a grand area of ​​25 square meters, where you live very comfortably.

When the temperature goes down in the evening, a wood-burning stove in the tent will warm your body and heart, turning it into a palace where you can enjoy communion with nature and togetherness with your companions, in a truly unique experience.

This space is meant as a laboratory. While we plan to renovate the house in the future, we invite you to share this environment with us now.

Our intention is to give you the keys to a place that will give you new life, to offer a place where you can find a radical form of peace with yourself.

For this reason it is worth pointing out that if you want a place with technology as a first requirement, perhaps you have gone the wrong way… We provide a kitchen, with the minimum items necessary: two burners, a sink, cookware and dishes, a bathroom inside the millhouse.

It is possible that some animals may decide to visit. Insects live in nature… as do some lizards, geckos, and squirrels. Nearby you can see roe deer, hares and other wildlife. But don’t worry, you are not in a jungle… Your tent will not be put to the test by any dangerous animal!

We like to think of this place as a retreat. Immerse yourself in the quiet and take some of this quiet back home with you.

The tent is about thirty meters from the millhouse where there is a kitchen with the minimum essentials for cooking. We emphasize that these infrastructures have been built with materials that are as recycled as possible and creatively assembled.

We will be available to advise and support you, if you wish. For example, if lighting the fire is not your forte, we can help you.
We can also accompany you, if you wish, as a nature guide to discover the surrounding trails and natural beauty. We can recommend the best things to see and taste in the area.
We can provide a superb professional massage by the river, or accompany you with our six-seat minivan to taste wines without having the problem of driving.