About us


Revive yourself in a natural spa with wood-heated water. Surrounded by nature, a total vacation.


We discovered an abandoned mill that had been deserted for fifty years. The original house is estimated to be two hundred years old.

Simple archaic mastery built this symbolic place, for the transformation of wheat into flour, nourishment from the earth and human ingenuity combined in perfect harmony with the cycle of the seasons.

The gears of the original wheel that gave movement to this system of millstones still exist. A set of wheels, levers and gears are still visible and recoverable as an example of rural archeology.

We called it Mýle-area. Mýle from the Greek means millstone, and is perhaps the oldest root of this name. This a grinding area. In using this space today, we continue the process of reducing life into ever more intangible fragments, no longer in the sense of habits, tensions, and tendencies to do too much. We think of this as a place of transformation and regeneration.

The bygone millstones and wheel have brought well-being to this place, by transforming grain from its original state into a subtler form distributed in the community to nourish people. We continue to use Myle-area in a way to produce another kind of well-being. We like to think this place provides you an opportunity for personal alchemy, as a magical space that supports self-observation and deep rest, which enable you to open to your truest self.


We offer a place of beauty and tranquility, to be enjoyed in a simple way.

Nature is your companion on this journey. By observing the flowing river, and listening to the perennial sound of water, you are able to wash your whole being, deeply purifying yourself, and living fully present with every moment.

The light and breathable architecture of a cotton tent will welcome you as basic refuge, a shelter impervious to rain but permeable to emotions. A simple interior, with a comfortable double bed, a light source, a few cushions, and a wood stove for cool evenings, provide you the comfort and charm of a truly beautiful shelter.

The wood-heated spa, fed with spring water from the woods, will give you the most beautiful bath of your life. As you warm the body, indulge your senses in the smell of fire, letting your thoughts float away. Move from the hot water to the cool water of the river, and let the thermal contrast revive the heart and awaken the soul.